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A Handy Guide For Pet Door Installation

Buying a pet door
Before you begin, going through this guide will help you avoid some major mistakes in terms of considering a pet door and installing them correctly. Here are some quick tips to consider.

Installing a pet door
Most of the times, the installation process of conventional dog doors is pretty straightforward and easy as DIY projects. But, for the need for drilling a hole in the wall or at the door, you should get the help of a handyman if you are not an expert. If you are doing it by self, it may be a two-person job to complete.
To get an idea about the door size, calculate the height of the animal, and then take the shoulder blade width measurement. You also need to consider the upper-end size of a fully grown animal of the breed, especially when you are installing a dog door for the puppies. As discussed above, if there are multiple pets, then the door should be big enough to accommodate the biggest comfortably.
You may find your pets a bit hesitant to use the door initially. For any such tasks, they need training first. You need to push a bit to make them feel comfortable about using it and then try to use it on their own. In the case of electronic doors, it is much easier as the door opens automatically as the pet approaches. For flap doors and sliding doors, it may take a while for them to get used to the logic of opening it.

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